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VoIP Solutions

Businesses are saving up to 75% on their monthly phone bills by switching to a VoIP phone service. Your office can save money with open source and hosted VOIP PBX services. These services allow you to have more options and minimal installation and maintenance costs. To begin making an incredible savings in your company's phone budget, call today at 845-765-9500 to discuss the advantage of VoIP and how can help your office upgrade and start saving today.

Media Streaming & Video Cameras

Don't let the mobile phone companies dictate your video content. You have the ability to watch your own video broadcasts, TV or monitor your surveillance cameras from your mobile device or laptop. Sit it your home office and monitor your office's daily functions, providing efficiency and security.


We provide custom-made basic and e-commerce websites for corporations, private use, non-profit, Call for references and pricing.

Customized Software &
Database Management

Not all software existing on the market fits the particular needs of individual businesses. has the solutions.


IT Services is a a full service IT Consulting firm that has provided technical services for small businesses, large corporations and home office needs for over 30 years. We are based in New York and provide IT services throughout the U.S. and Europe.

  • Strategic IT Advice for optimizing office
    growth and functionality
  • VOIP and Analog Telephony
  • Customized software and database management
  • Local and virtual server(s) setup and support
  • Network performance and security
  • Security, Video, and GPS services
  • Web Development - Zkrew Design
  • Personalized training and support for business owners and their staff
  • Project Management for web development and office setup, renovation, and/or relocation

Visit our Portfolio Section to view our client listings and feel free to call our office for references at (845) 765-9500.


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